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What is Agent Cloud?

Agent Cloud enables companies to host their own AI App platform. (imagine a self hosted GPT builder platform with extra goodies)

There are two types of apps you can build and deploy to your employees.

App Type Use Cases

Agent Cloud offers flexibility in app types, allowing for various use cases across industries.

App Ecosystem Architecture Overview

Diagram of the functional structure of the app showing connections between teams, users, permissions, and system components in Agent Cloud

Organizational and Functional Map

Building Blocks of Our Chat Ecosystem

In order to build an end to end scalable platform that empowers companies to deploy fully private LLM chat apps for their employees, the application must be self hostable and able to use open source embeddings and LLMs. To mitigate hallucination, companies also need scalable RAG. So we decided to power the end-to-end creation of these two apps.

This includes:

  1. RAG as a Service which comes which enables you to sync and embed data from hundreds of data sources with a built in vector DB. To accomplish this we have abrstacted away both Airbyte (ELT) and Qdrant (Vector DB)
End to End RAG-a-a-S by Agent Cloud
  1. Multi agent engine which enables you to create tasks and assign them to a group of agents. To accomplish this we have abrstacted a langchain based multi agent runtime called crewai.
Augmented Human/AI teams

Augmented Human/AI teams

Augmented Human/AI tasks

Augmented Human/AI tasks

Imagine having your own Open AI GPT builder platform

Except with 4 key differences:

  1. Self host it on your companies cloud (keeping your data secure) - for open source users only
  2. Connect to any LLM (Ollama, LM Studio, Open AI, Azure Open AI - with more coming)
  3. Create RAG chat apps that retrieve knowledge from than just files, and can sync data from hundreds of datasources
  4. Create multi agent apps that can help you automate manual processes

Managed version

We’re currently building a waitlist for the cloud edition if you’re interested in a managed version let us know here

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